Writing in the Woods

Writing in the Woods

Welcome to my writer’s blog to combat writer’s block

Come for the learning, stay for the love.
It's all a matter of choosing, or wallowing in pride.
We can choose to be simple, we can choose to be smart;
There is no such thing as "stupid" as long as we start

Some say, “you have a way with words”; though I would be reluctant to agree.
For precision and concision are in order for messages to be understood clearly.
So if there isn’t something I understand, I will always look it up gladly.
I will not apologize for blunders—save for a quick sorry—as I think we are all learning,
and the goal should be mastery.

My skill in web design is beyond poor in comparison to other great bloggers and writers out there that have a more deft understanding of the publishing side of things—which yes—also includes publishing web pages. There are a confounding amount of discrepancies of what it means to be a writer and how a writer evolves into a blossoming author.  

Distinctions will be arguable: Editors are writers, not authors.  Writers can’t be editors. And a whole slew of this person can’t do this for x, y, z but in reality it comes down to what aspects of writing do you obsess over?   

But they author  [this word should not be used as a verb no matter how tempting it is] are authors of series in their own right. Shouldn’t they also be considered part of the prestigious Authorship Club of notoriety? A word that should have a neutral meaning but has a pejorative use has shaped the recognition of the word. Think: notorious. Does that sound like a good thing to be? To have notoriety? Just means you’re noteworthy. Essentially. But the pejorative use is being known for something and that something is usually bad.

Thus the fight for dialectical diplomacy.  Enjoy your walk in the woods.

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